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What Will YOU Do With
3 Extra Hours In Your Day?


  • Are you always short of time?
  • Rushing to get things done?
  • Anxious and frustrated about missing deadlines?

Do you wish you had more hours in your hectic, over-crowded day?

Here’s how you can be more efficient, more productive, and more relaxed as you struggle through your work-day. Stop yearning for a creative, satisfying, fulfilling and meaningful life… and start living it!


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Time Management Tips

Little-known secrets and tactics to make sure that the goals you set will inspire, energize and power you forcefully towards your dreams.

Time Management Training

The often overlooked technical side of acting on your plans and moving purposefully towards your biggest goals with confidence.


Beat the deadly enemy within, take the brakes off your inner success rocket, and turbocharge your action plan once you learn how to overcome procrastination.

Time Management Skills

The life blood of most efficient people, there is a system and method to setting goals, making to do lists, and blitzing through them. You’ll learn all about it here.

Time Management

Tying it all together into a meaningful system that optimizes your time and helps you accomplish tasks with flair and comfort without getting stressed or overwhelmed.

Time Management Games

Techniques and methods to help you tune out distractions and hone your focus so that you can get things done more efficiently and fast.


Handpicked Time Management Guides


Be more efficient, organized and productive!


The Secrets of Personal Efficiency

Let’s explore the essence of managing your life more effectively.

  • You’ll learn how to beat procrastination, focus better and be efficient.
  • You’ll understand how to prioritize, delegate and correctly set goals.
  • You’ll discover tips and techniques to boost your productivity.

Personal development guides you towards efficiency and effectiveness…
because it is your nature to reach your highest potential!

Managing your life takes time, effort and learning. Your better future won’t just appear magically. You must draw it towards yourself. Improve yourself. Acquire skills. Master principles.

And with time and practice, you’ll transform your life dramatically!

So, take a minute and think about what you want…

What Will YOU Wish For If You Could Have ANYTHING?

Will you…

  • Spend more time with your kids and family?
  • Read books, watch movies, learn a new language?
  • Focus on health, get some exercise?
  • Start a new business or earn more money?
  • Spend more time on a hobby or giving back to society?

All of this is possible with personal development and inner change. Each of us has the same potential, the same time, the same drive to succeed. No more, no less. Yet some successful people manage to make the most of their lives – while others struggle.

  • What are their secrets?
  • How can you learn them?
  • When will you succeed?

That’s what we’re going to explore on this site. You’re going to learn how to:

  • get better results by setting goals
  • develop laser-like focus to get things done
  • stop wasting time and avoid procrastination
  • learn to concentrate on what really matters
  • get better organized
  • beat stress effortlessly by meditation
  • turn inwards to unleash your true power

… and do all of this without any stress or strain. Effortlessly.

Let’s Get Started With
Personal Development

Almost all content on this site absolutely free. Click on links and browse around the pages to find whatever is relevant to your needs.

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Recommended Time Management Guides

Handpicked personal productivity books to help make you more efficient, organized and productive – quickly and easily. Great value for $5 – or less!


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Find 3 EXTRA Hours In Your Day!

Learn how to focus. I’ve distilled down the core essence of this precious time management skill into a powerful 49 page book called

How To Focus : Stop Procrastinating
and Get Things Done!

Condensed into this short, crisp, tightly written guide are little known secrets guaranteed to save you at least 3 hours every day.Click Here to Read “How To Focus”

Even if you only get 1 extra hour every week (and you’re on minimum wage), that itself will DOUBLE your investment… so order your copy now.

How To Focus - Ming Vase Time Management Guide

With this information, you’ll enjoy

* lower stress
* fewer distractions
* greater achievement
* higher profitability
* deeper satisfaction

… and see yourself become more effective, right away… effortlessly.


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