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    How Can They Help You Become More Efficient?

    Free online time management games are computer or Web based programs that simulate real life situations, putting the user/player in a situation where they solve problems and allocate resources in a way that teaches them better time management.


    In most variations of free online time management games the user is provided with limited resources (points, or play money, or units of time) and given a challenging task to accomplish using them. By playing and winning the game, a player learns valuable skills that go a long way in managing time in real life.

    Varieties of Time Management Games

    There are usually two broad categories of games. One type is a life-simulation game. Another is a construction and management game. Each kind has special challenges and teaches powerful lessons in slightly different ways.


    Life Simulation Games

    Life simulation games place you, the player, in a virtual environment that mimics a certain kind of employment or activity. For example, in a game called Simlife you are given the task of taking care of a pet. You must remember to feed it, provide for various needs, buy items necessary to take care of it, and more. The game teaches players to develop responsibility towards their dependents, and work towards a goal.

    In another category of free online time management games called life simulation games, you get to live out your dreams for the future. In a game called Life Quest, your target is to plan your adult life, buying a home, seeking a well paid job, and raising a family. Just as in real life, you get to compete with your neighbors and colleagues, constantly challenged to choose areas where you’ll compete, applying your limited resources intelligently to further your goals.

    One module of Life Quest pits you against your classmates in various competitions and tasks. This might mean getting a salary raise when your friends cannot, or acquiring some toy or trinket that they can’t afford, or even buying yourself a pet or companion.

    There are also social simulation games where the emphasis is on interacting with other people. It is up to you, the player, to ensure that all characters in the free online time management games interact properly and co-operatively as the game progresses. Since social compliance is critically important to managing time and being more efficient, this teaches precious skills which will serve you well in handling your responsibilities.


    Construction & Time Management Games

    As the name implies, these games are about building communities or projects. Depending on the game, a player is invited to build up an entity – a city, a building, or a government project.

    The game teaches players important elements of planning, needs assessment, deployment of scarce resources and project management. By taking into consideration the various elements that go into planning a city, like food, security, housing, health and transportation, the gamer gains valuable insight into analyzing a situation and planning solutions to potential and actual problems.

    In Sim City, the challenge is to run and operate a metropolitan city, including collecting taxes and conducting elections. Not all games are so elaborate, with some casual titles like Happyville being popular among youngsters.

    Some kinds of free online time management games involve simulating day to day businesses. A user may be put in charge of a hotel or diner, and tasked with running the operations. In Diner Dash 5, Flo is a waitress who is called upon to manage a very busy restaurant. This game lets you practice the time management skills of rapid evaluation and decisive action taking – important requirements for running any kind of enterprise in real life.

    Government simulation games mimic the realities of government policy making and require the user to think about issues like foreign policy, education programs and construction of buildings. While they can be considered escape from reality, good free online time management games can actually be excellent preparation for real life challenges.

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    What Are Free Online Time Management Games