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    Here you go. A free time management tip guaranteed to make you more productive and efficient.

    Stop Talking, Start Doing


    I know, I know. It sounds absolutely obvious. But here’s the thing. ‘Analysis paralysis’ is a serious syndrome that afflicts many people.

    So stop over-thinking stuff, hesitating too long, and waiting for circumstances to be perfect. Start doing things. Small things. Inexpensive things. So you start gathering momentum.

    The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. And the first step is often the hardest – because you have to get over inertia. Once you’re moving, it is far easier to go back and start over again.

    What has this got to do with a free time management tip or secret?

    Well, if you waste hours and hours on planning and thinking about stuff, by the time you get down to action your environment might have changed or altered significantly – making more planning and strategizing necessary. You’ll waste more time than if you simply did something.

    Tell me that isn’t a nice time management tip worth taking to the bank!


    Now I don’t mean behave rashly or entirely without thought. No. That’s a recipe for disaster. But what I do mean is that you shouldn’t waste more time thinking through every minor detail of a huge project – without ever taking the first step.

    When you first launch any new initiative, you’ll have no idea of how things work. You simply cannot foresee all eventualities. You cannot prepare for each and every hurdle or obstacle. You cannot plan for every contingency. You just get going.

    And as things evolve, you’ll learn many intricate things that you would not have known (or had a chance of observing) before. Often, if you had known that things would be so difficult, complicated or time-consuming before you begun, it might even put you off starting!

    But once you get going, and have already invested hours and hours of time and tons of effort doing those preparatory steps, you’ll consider it worthwhile to take the extra trouble of following the process through to the happy ending. That’s what makes this an effective free time management tip.

    There are many more like it scattered across this site. Be sure to browse other sections and learn them. You can also order the Ming Vase Time Management series of guides which go into greater depth and detail about these matters.

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