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I feel very lucky to reach a wide range of readers. Subscribers to this newsletter include CEOs and entrepreneurs, professionals and artists, and many other fine folks. I try to keep things interesting and inspiring.

Here’s what newsletter subscribers are saying…

Dr.Mani, Thanks for your engaging emails with rich and varied content. I especially liked the Time Management ebook which I have used to help my full-time work as well as my personal life.


Dr Mani has a great ability to step back from the confusion and to be able to identify underlying trends. He is a real 'guru' - somebody whose every word you should hang on.

Pearson Brown

Being on Dr Mani's email list has been invaluable and inspirational to me, and inspired me to move forward in my own efforts. Dr Mani is completely genuine and totally trustworthy and I would recommend anyone to join his email newsletter list.

Dawn Stephenson

I love his stuff! The newsletter is written in a "down home" style by someone that is interested in giving you information you can use. As a subscriber you can you can do well by simply learning what he teaches.

Henry Aldrete

Your recent ezine issue had what was the most honest article I have read recently. Your words and purpose are inspiring and I have a whole new picture of you in my mind. I now see more than an expert, I see a real and caring human being.

Nolden Bronkar

Dr.Mani provides outstanding, up-to-date information on a range of topics that makes it easy to keep up with the ever changing trends and changes with the search engines. His newsletters are well written and concise. It's an easy way to get a superb education.

Rosalyn Bronstein

Hi Dr. Mani, I love reading your emails because you look like a real person and are sincere. You never write hype, and this makes you credible. Thank you.

Alvise (Rome, Italy -

I do enjoy reading your email messages, they are so inspiring. I am learning a lot from them. It amazes me how you find the time to do all you do. You must have 50 hour days where you come from.


I always open your emails because I know that I can trust you to offer only information that is in my best interest to review. That says a lot these days.

Beth Stevenson,

Enjoy your emails and the reports you produce have helped me in numerous areas. I look forward to them as you are usually on the cutting edge and the results I get rock.

Mike Paetzold -

I like Dr Mani's different ways of doing things. I have absolutely no idea how he manages to fit his online work in with heart surgery and family commitments!

Digby Christmas

I get lots of email everyday as do most of us. However out of all of the email that I get, there are only 3 to 4 emails that I always open and read. Yours is one of them.

Want to know why? Because you always have something interesting to say or to discuss. You send information that is useful to me.

Lewis Leake -

I am very thankful whenever I get an email from you. I know whatever it is you are telling me about it will be helpful to me. Thanks for everything.

Harry Crowder -

Currently, I'm in PURGE mode. When I got to your folder, there was no hesitation, I skipped right over it. My objective, after all, is to get rid of clutter NOT gold! Email me anytime.

Dee Jay

Being able to think became a habit to be acquired. Your writing was my crankshaft and I've begun to live my dreams from my mid fifties.

Dileepa Lawrence-Hewa

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