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    When you set out to strengthen skills in time management, often you begin by changing your mindset and views about what it really means to manage time. Once the paradigm shifts, you’ll unlock greater efficiency in multiple forms and totally revolutionize the way you go about managing your schedule.

    One of the hardest mindsets to shift when you’re trying to strengthen skills in time management is to realize that you don’t have to do it all yourself. It’s an easy lesson to learn. It’s also the hardest to learn.

    It may well take many long months (even years) of working on various elements of your work and career, trying to juggle it all by yourself, before you came to terms with this reality and accept it. But once you do, it will save you a LOT of time when you modify your time management techniques.

    No matter what task you want help with, there’s someone to do it for you. The only considerations are whether you can find someone, decide if that person can be trusted with the task, and if you can compensate them adequately for the work they are doing for you. That’s the surest way to strengthen skills in time management. It doesn’t matter how skilled or experienced you are at something, there is no way on earth that you can do as much as a team working together.

    If you are able to identify and train the right kind of qualified person to take over parts of the tasks that you were handling earlier, and the task will cost you less than the value of your time, then it becomes a no-brainer to outsource it to the expert team you’ve built.

    Take the example of a sales process.

    Suppose you are a sales-person, and find that in one day you can meet 10 people and sell 4 people out of 10 your product. Then, if you hire 2 sales people who each are only half as effective as you are… they will still sell AS MANY COPIES of your product as you can in a day! Plus, you get the time to spare, and can get other things done.

    Multiply this by an entire fleet of sales people and you’ll see how this simple tweak will strengthen skills in time management, free up your day, and let you leverage your talents in many more ways.

    It is this approach which is grounded in the timeless principles of Time Management Tao, namely

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    How You Can Strengthen Skills In Time Management