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    Everyone should have a time management goal, as well as a plan to accomplish it. That’s the way to effectively manage your time and maximize your productivity.

    Have big goals – but also small goals to reach daily. This should be obvious – yet too many people set tiny goals, then fail to reach them. Why does this happen? Why are you not setting bigger goals – and then reaching them?

    Often, it’s because you’re afraid of failing. You fear not being able to reach your most ambitious goals, to live your dreams. And that’s usually because you have unreal expectations.

    If you plan to build a house, you surely don’t expect to move in to your new home tomorrow! No, it takes many steps in between the time you desire it and when you can experience it in reality. You need to plan your home, find a location, acquire the land or property, construct the building, furnish it and then move in.

    Any worthy goal takes time to achieve – and unless you manage your time carefully, that duration can stretch out too long. Having a time management goal helps prevent such delays.

    That’s where the vital role of ‘slicing and dicing’ your goals comes in. An effective time management goal has built in milestones, each with its specific deadline to reach it in.

    The next step is to break it down into a schedule. You can make a list of the things that you need to do the next day and prioritize them.

    • A. Absolutely must be done.
    • B. Needs to be done today
    • C. Would be nice to get done
    • D. Needs to be done at some point.

    You can then do the things in the A column first. From time to time, rework the list and do the things that have moved into the A column. Since things change as time progresses, your to do list will evolve as well, which is the reason you will need to constantly re-prioritize it to ensure that you stay on track.

    To take the house building example again, you may set a target to finish construction in 3 months – and then set a smaller goal to buy the bricks or wood today, find a carpenter and allocate tasks tomorrow, have the doors made on day #3 and so on.

    As long as your mini-goals are consistent with your bigger, long-term time management goal, every day’s tasks will take you closer to the ultimate target – and giving you positive reinforcement along the way as you reach your smaller milestones!

    This makes the journey towards your destination more enjoyable and fun. And following the Time Management Tao approach is a tested and proven way to make this happen. The method is grounded in 3 principles of learning how to:

    You’ll learn about this in other sections of this site, and from the time management goal guides at Ming Vase Time Management.

    For more tips on managing time more effectively, you can also sign up to our free weekly “Time Taozine” newsletter by filling in the form below. Each issue will include a tip or nugget to help you become more efficient and set goals intelligently.

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    What’s Your Big Time Management Goal – And How Do You Plan To Reach It?