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    If you’re looking for time management help with managing meetings and lists, then you’ll find this information useful.


    One of the biggest time-sucking events in a business-person’s life is meetings. Some of the most effective time managers I know make it a point NEVER too attend meetings!

    All of us may not have that choice. Used wisely and well, meetings can get a lot done. But in my experience, no more than 1 in 50 meetings really meet these criteria, and end up wasting the time of many people. That’s why many people are looking for time management help, both with conducting meetings and also attending them.

    Here are some ways to make meetings more effecitve – and timely.

    • Arrange meetings in advance, and make sure everyone knows the agenda and comes well prepared.
    • Make presentations brief and to the point.
    • Avoid time wasting breaks and don’t linger around after the meeting ends.
    • Most of all, try and avoid attending them in the first place (unless your presence is critical) – or try delegating them to someone else.

    With some advance planning and discipline, you can eliminate the need to look for assistance with your time management – and run the most streamlined, effective and productive meetings in your organization.


    I’m not a big fan of lists – but can promise you they work. How do I know? Because I use lists sometimes. And every time I do, the tasks on them get done.

    There’s something deeply fulfilling and revitalizing about striking or checking off one finished task from a list! Yet many people seek time management help with making – and keeping – lists.

    Here are some tips that will help you get the highest value out of your to do list.

    If you have more than 5 tasks to handle today, or have a weak memory, making lists will be useful… and save you time. It also helps when it comes to priority setting, as you can assign each task on your list a priority-value, so you can decide what order to get them done.

    A list is also helpful in categorizing tasks by location or person. You may plan the sequence of activities depending upon the route you plan to travel today. Or you may arrange them based on whom you are going to meet and when.

    For more complex projects and activities, a list can help you work step by step through the sequence of activities needed to get it done, without needing any time management help.

    So, like meetings, lists can be of great value in helping you manage time better – provided they are drawn up correctly, and are organized in a productive manner. This is possible when your approach is fueled by the principles of Time Management Tao, which are based on knowing to

    To get more time management help on related areas of managing your time, sign up to the “Time Taozine” ezine below and receive tips by email for free.

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    Time Management Help With Meetings & Lists