How To Effectively Manage Your Time To Create Your Most Productive Self

Everyone needs these powerful time management skills to make the most out of time available. Implementing the time management strategies that high achievers use daily can help you make more money, spend more time relaxing, and achieve deeper happiness in your life.

The reason to develop your time management skills is to make every day count. No matter whether you work for yourself or for a boss, your goal should be to accomplish as much of value as possible in a typical day. Setting deadlines for things to do, and then meeting them, is a personal challenge each of us faces. Working more intelligently, beating the clock and accomplishing your tasks within time can set you ahead of the crowd.

These 9 time management skills can help you make better use of your time. You’ll no longer struggle to fit a to-do list that’s too long into a 24 hour day that seems to shrink by the minute!

1. Set Clear Goals

Unless you know what you’re setting out to do, how will you know when it’s done? Spell out your objectives before you begin a task. At the same time, ask yourself if it really needs to be done, and if it does, should you be the person doing it (or can you delegate it to others?)

2. Make Your List


time management skills

Writing down things to do frees you from the bother of having to remember them – and risk forgetting something important. You don’t need fancy time management tools. A simple ruled notebook and a pen or pencil will do. Make sure your list is manageable, and only includes important tasks.

3. Delegate What You Can

When you’ve drawn up your list of things to do, see which of the items can be handed over to someone else on your team. Do only the things that you have to do, and assign the rest to others.

4. Take Advantage of Down Time

While walking, jogging, driving, or waiting to meet someone, make use of the ‘dead’ time to plan and catch up with tasks. Carry along material that can help you make use of the time. Listen to tapes or CDs, dictate notes, and prepare for meetings during these periods.

5. One Thing At A Time

Multi-tasking is the biggest energy drain and time waster invented. Human beings are not hard wired to multi-task. Yet we fool ourselves thinking we are capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. The lack of focus means you’ll take longer to do each task than if you focused on it exclusively.

6. Stop Procrastinating

The greatest delays in any project happens during the time before you start working on it. Procrastination kills productivity. So stop procrastinating. Hit the ground running. Once you start work, you’ll soon pick up steam and hit your stride.

7. Exercise

Physical fitness improves your focus and concentration, and keeps you energized and enthusiastic about your work. Working out every day can boost your productivity like nothing else, and that’s why it is included in this list of time management skills to work on.

8. Set Yourself Deadlines

Normally, deadlines increase stress and anxiety. But when you set your own personal deadlines – and make them earlier than when the project is due – you actually alleviate the last minute stress and strain, while enhancing your productivity. You’ll enjoy the buffer time you’ll get by finishing tasks ahead of time.

9. Slow Down

Deep breathing helps relieve stress, slow down your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure and increase oxygen content in your circulation. All of this can boost productivity and reduce anxiety, so that your focus will be sharper and you’ll get things done quickly.

All these time management skills are easily learned and practiced. The Ming Vase Time Management guides go deeper into the specific skills you’ll need the most to improve your effectiveness.

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